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Diamond tools industry in China

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Diamond tools is an ideal tool for machining materials with high hardness, good processing quality, high efficiency, can greatly reduce processing costs, improve working conditions, easy to implement mechanization and automation processing, as early as 50 years ago, people are struggling to find how to change the low efficiency of processing hard and hard brittle labor state. The diamond industry in China started late, as early as 1960s, China has successfully developed the artificial diamond, but it was not until 80s, grinding, cutting and drilling diamond tools began to develop, and the formation of industrialization. At the end of 80s, with the Chinese manufacturing industry in the global rise of diamond tool manufacturing industry in China is gradually showing strong vitality, rapid development, has become one of the main suppliers of world diamond tools market.
Diamond and diamond tool manufacturers have more than 1000, with an annual output of more than 750 million carat diamond in 1999, becoming a major diamond producing countries. Diamond saw blade has been able to meet the domestic demand. There are nearly 1 / 3 product exports, the formation of a certain competitive strength in the DIY market.
Vigorously develop the hardware tool industry, pay close attention to new products, new technology development, speed up the development of China is hardware tool industry, improve the economic efficiency and the overall level of technology. To improve the quality of diamond tools in China, and put forward some opinions. Specific approach is:
1, tool industry investment, pay close attention to promote the development of new products and new technology, new technology, continuously broaden the application areas of diamond manufacturing, provide high strength diamond production stable, coarse and good thermal stability of diamond tools, diamond tools industry improve the overall technological level and market competitiveness, the variety and quality in order to survive, to technological progress and development.
2, we must speed up the development of new products, improve product quality, increase variety, improve production. Using strong carbide forming elements to improve diamond holding power. In order to ensure the quality of their products, we must accelerate the promotion of the new technology, such as technology, electric spark sintering technology, vacuum welding technology, uniform diamond diamond plating technology, bonding technology and metal iridium laser welding technology.
3, take the road of high quality and efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction.
4, improve the overall technical level of diamond tools industry, promote the granulation process in the production of cutter head. Hot press sintering process and equipment for popularizing vacuum protection atmosphere in sintering process. In the production of diamond wire saw, the hot and high temperature brazing technology was adopted, and the special saw blade for high grade laser welding was developed.
5, rational division of labor, the organization of large-scale production, improve the international competitiveness
The overall level of development of an industry in the final analysis depends on the level of business and development speed of the industry. Diamond tools industry in China to achieve a successful transition from large to strong, needs the enterprise independent self-reliance, unremitting self-improvement, so as to promote the development of the whole industry.