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Classification of diamond tools

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1, according to the bonding agent is divided into: resin, metal and ceramic bond diamond tools three categories. Metal bonding process is divided into several categories, such as sintering, electroplating and brazing.
2, according to the structure of the use of
A: - abrasive grinding wheel, roller, roller, grinding wheel, grinding, grinding, polishing pad and bowl;
Cutting tools, saw blades, sawing, sawing, sawing, sawing rope drum, chain saws, wire saw;
Drilling tools - geological and metallurgical drill, oil (gas) drill bit, engineering thin wall drill bit, stone bit, glass drill, etc.;
Other tools - trimming tools, cutting tools, drawing dies, etc..
Compared with the metal bond matrix, matrix resin, ceramic bond strength is low, not suitable for cutting, drilling and trimming tools, generally only abrasive products.
Application of diamond tools
Diamond is hard, so it is especially suitable for processing tools made of hard and brittle materials especially non-metallic materials, such as stone, tiles, glass, ceramics, concrete, refractory materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor, precious stones; can also be used for processing non-ferrous metal, alloy, wood materials, such as copper, aluminum, hard alloy, quenching steel, cast iron, composite wear-resistant wood etc.. Diamond tools have been widely used in building, building materials, petroleum, geology, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, wood, automobile and other industries.